Wednesday, August 4, 2010

God Knows it All

God knows where we are and exactly what our needs are, even more than we understand our own needs. For that alone, He is worthy of our praise! A couple of weeks ago, I had an incredible encounter with God that I feel compelled to share. It was one of those worship services where I was paralyzed by God's presence; God isolated me from my surroundings so that it was just me and Him. It was an intimate experience and it felt like time stood still. I couldn't feel my children all around me and I didn't care that mascara filled tears ran down my face because I was being touched by my living and mighty God. I was so moved that I wasn't able to sing with my mouth, but my heart was rejoicing and worshipping.
There is nothing more precious than a "God moment" like this. Often when the Holy Spirit touches me in that way, it is because He is preparing me to do something for Him. So, I asked Him what He wanted me to do or say and I was ready to obey. But, the word He spoke was that He was simply pouring out His love on me. Wow! What a God we serve...He allowed me this experience because He loves me and wanted to show me it in a special way that morning. I tend to be a "doer"; so I aways look for what God is wanting me to DO. But, today, I was able to drink in His spirit and allow Him to love on me, just because. All He wanted was for me to love Him in reply.
I realized that I often am so busy doing that I fail to just enjoy and love my Jesus. I was so overwhelmed and thankful that God knew what I needed and then met that need without me ever asking Him. My family had been gathered together in my favorite vacation place, Sebago Lake, Maine. I fought the temptation to give in to sadness and the Lord helped me to have a great week. But, that morning, God filled me up with an abundance so that I felt renewed; He took away any loneliness that I may have been feeling. There is no need that God will not matter where you are or what you are feeling, God sees you and is ready to aid you. I love serving Jesus.

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